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Too buy or to sell, GOOG, COF,

Tough question.  I think the market has a lot of people scratching their head.  I am short Google.  Bill Gates made another comment about the entering the search market. Saying it was going to surprise Google.   That will also surprise investors in Google, and cause the stock to trade lower.   Just having a hard time figuring out how much lower.   I think Google will anounce a share repurchase putting some of its cash to work.   I like a short in COF here.  AXP has credit detioration in the latest earnings report last night.  COF has bounced nicely, and might be worth a try on the short side.  The feds actions are putting money in the hands of buyers, and potentially real relief to those struggling.   I think Cramer was right about the Fed being to slow to act.   Many of COF and AXP credit customers probably would have been able to act quicker and put the problems off for a while with lower rates.   This still could be the case; but, lending seems too tight and home prices have yet to announce a bottom.   Scottrade is closd to all it’s customers online because of account maintanance.  That’s a whole seperate disturbing event to wake up too.

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